Managing processes is not so much about the process as it is about managing communication and people’s expectation of what that should be, especially when there is a sense of urgency.

Matchking understand this better than anyone, both clients and candidates need to be clear on what is happening and the next steps as soon as possible. Our reputation is built on trust, and so we are continuously improving how we work to ensure everyone is always in the loop and there is no need to trawl through emails!

The team is flexible and will adopt any preferred communications channel: telephone, text, email, Skype etc…  This runs hand in hand taking a considered approach to communicating any delays or issues without damaging opportunities for success.


The key to our success is our ability to open and maintain strong communication channels which provide information in a timely and easy to understand way. Communication is sensitive in the world of recruitment, any act, no matter however subtle, that either affects the fairness of the process or coerces a person into making a decision because it fits the recruiters need is simply wrong.















01 Putting People First

Matchking has made a conscious decision to be an H2H (Human to Human) business and to develop a specialist service in the marketing space.

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02 Requirement Profiling

We invest time to understand the role, the core requirements and the business needs and challenges which are driving the recruitment need. 

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03 Short List Optimisation

The candidate CVs you will see, are those same candidates you will choose to interview, and are the most suitable for the role.

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04 Workflow Management

From your first enquiry, you will notice something distinctive about Matchking: We work for you!
As a client, this will translate into dedication and expertise, as a candidate, you will know that you are in good hands.

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06 Our Network Investment

We have achieved outstanding experience with a solid understanding of the market and the marketing professionals working within them. 

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