Regardless of the level of Marketing experience or preferences in either permanent or contract work, career coaching and opportunity for progression are always welcome. As such finding a passionate and dedicated recruitment company is hugely important as this can have a strong impact on your next move.

Matchking lives and breathes its commitment to keeping recruiting simple but effective and putting people first. Our aim is to never lose sight that businesses employ talented people as much for their skills, as for their ability to fit into cultures and teams with a view to being successful. Our processes, communication and proven accuracy in meeting the needs of candidates and clients are a testimony of that.

Our team is mindful of the fact that making your next career move and going through interviewing processes can be demanding, and also that internet based recruitment processes and interfaces will not help with making this any easier.

Matchking have therefore made a conscious decision to stay a H2H (Human to Human) business and to develop a specialist service in the marketing space.

If you are a marketing professional come and talk to us, at our Surrey offices, coffee is on us! 


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02 Requirement Profiling

We invest time to understand the role, the core requirements and the business needs and challenges which are driving the recruitment need. 

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03 Short List Optimisation

The candidate CVs you will see, are those same candidates you will choose to interview, and are the most suitable for the role.

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04 Workflow Management

From your first enquiry, you will notice something distinctive about Matchking: We work for you!
As a client, this will translate into dedication and expertise, as a candidate, you will know that you are in good hands.

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05 Communication

The key to our success is our ability to open and maintain strong communication channels which provide information in a timely and easy to understand way. 

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06 Our Network Investment

We have achieved outstanding experience with a solid understanding of the market and the marketing professionals working within them. 

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